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As you can tell by the post card/photo, I’m staging a solo show beginning tomorrow afternoon and running through October. Come to the meet the artist event on October 12. You won’t be disappointed – in the photos or the great Michigan wines you’ll be able to taste (for a small price). Hope to see some of you there. MI Michigan MBTB Postcard

The Saving of Homemade Cherry Preserves

Jen decided to make homemade sour cherry preserves. First, it wasn’t easy finding a recipe. We finally found one in the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Jen made the preserves. They didn’t come out all that good; they were runny and overly sweet. We combined a couple of recipes we found on line – one from Martha Stewart and one from Food.com. Those two recipes helped alleviate the sweetness of the preserves, but they didn’t help with getting the preserves to set up as they should.  Being a true fan of the internet, I did a Google search on why the preserves were too runny.  I came across this wonderful blog site that not only saved the preserves from being too runny but told why they might not have set up the way they should have done.  So, not only did we learn how to make preserves and how to save them, we also got a good laugh from the blog writer’s (Marisa) practical and sound advice.  Yummy, yummy stuff that now doesn’t have to be called rustic cherry syrup.  LOL

We are happy!  Life can indeed be a bowl of cherries.  And, a big shout out to Marisa for writing and posting that blog.

On Exhibit at the Brighton District Library

FlyerMy digital photographs are now on display at the Brighton District Library, 100 Library Drive, Brighton, MI.  The exhibit runs from June 24 to August 4.  On Monday, June 30, we will be having a reception at the library from 6 to 8 p.m.  Please come visit.


State of MI . . . nd @ the Om Cafe in Ferndale

Starting 15 April 2014, 12 of my images of Michigan will be gracing the walls of the Om Cafe on Woodward in Funky Fashionable Ferndale.   Drop in, have a delicious meal, and enjoy looking at some photos of our great state.  The display will be up for six months (15 October).  Both the Om Cafe and I will appreciate your interest.

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Around the House – Episode ?????

Let it snow-

It’s been quite some time since I posted anything on my website. This winter kicked us all in the backside with record amounts of snow and icicle-inducing temperatures. The weather indoors at my house this past four months hasn’t been grand either. Christmas jumped up and bit us in the butt since we missed a week between Gobbler Day and Jolly Old St. Nick. And, then ……. drum roll please, it was my birthday in mid-January. This septuagenarian birthday did not make me cry or moan in pain, and because Matt and I celebrate our birthdays together (he is only 67 years younger than me), we enjoyed the candles and cake.

Not long after the birthday celebrations, we jetted off to Costa Rica and Panama for a week. We felt like we needed to get away from the cold and gloom before Al had his shoulder surgery (a reverse total shoulder replacement on his left side). Warm weather, spectacular scenery, and awesome accommodations proved to be de rigeur for this Living Social special. (Don’t be afraid to try out the Living Social getaways. We’ve done three and all were good.)

Al’s shoulder surgery turned out well, but a few stomach complications added to an eventful recovery. Once home from Beaumont, Al had one helluva sling on his arm so his shoulder wouldn’t move. Obviously, I took care of many daily chores and tasks for him. That job came to a screeching halt when I fell one week after his surgery.

Slippsers! Ice on the street did me in and I heard my bones pop when I hit the ice. Ouchies! My left radius and ulna broke and my hand remained in pretty much the shape it was in when it hit the iced-over pavement. A week later, the doctor put a plate and screws in my wrist, stuck my arm in a sling with some killer pain numbers and sent me home. Al and I teamed up so we could open bottles, jars, and whatever else needed two hands. Fortunately, we’re both right handers so we handled “stuff” pretty well.  The good thing is that before I did myself in on Saturday, I did manage to get out to the Starkweather Arts Center in Romeo and pick up two of three pieces that were  there for a show.  The one I didn’t pick up got sold.  :-)

We’re both mending – well, I’m mended, he’s working on it – and getting back to normal. So . . . here I am back again filling up space with meaningless gibberish and enjoying it.

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