In late January, I started this challenge. I was newly-radiated and chemo-ed and needed something to take my mind off of how miserable I was feeling. I was fatigued, had very dry mouth and a difficult time swallowing, my taste buds were pretty much non-existent. I was skinny as a stick, and I was not giving up. I knew I would eventually feel better, and I was right. I love it when I’m right, but who doesn’t. Eleven months have passed since I finished my treatments. I have all my old energy back, saliva is way better than it was, swallowing is easier, and the taste buds are better but still not great. The doctors said to give it a year. I have no choice. I’m still about 40 lbs. lighter than I was, but I’m not complaining. I eat what I want and don’t gain weight so . . . pretty lucky.

I’ve continued with the 365 challenge though I will admit there are days when I absolutely do not want to take a picture. On those days, I pull up an old photo from the archives and try to work some new “magic” on it. Sometimes the magic is there; many times it’s a total flop. Oh, well. At the very least, I’m learning something new . . . maybe not every day but most days.

I’ve been posting the photos on my Facebook page. If you want to take a look, here are the links: