I’ve put a book together of the first 90 days of my 365 day photo project. You can check it out at My Publisher.  I’ve learned a lot doing this project . . . not only about photography, PhotoShop, plug-ins, textures, etc. but about myself as well.  Some days I’m just not as dedicated as I should be.  Occasionally, I don’t even want to look into a viewfinder or do anything that requires me to think about photography.  Creativity ebbs and flows, but that’s not a revelation.  I am certainly challenged when I try to find different subjects to shoot.  I fall back on the old reliables – flowers, stuff in my garden, Matt.  One really great thing about this project is that I’m managing to chronicle my year photographically and it reminds me of all the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) people, places, and things fill my life.  It’s great fun.