I enjoy colors, textures, and shapes, and so I incorporate those facets of my world into my photography. I photograph my subjects from different perspectives or in small bits and pieces because I like how taking away the recognizable aspect of an object gives it an entirely different look and feel.

To me, telling a story with photos is important. Sometimes I’m not sure what the story is, so that allows you to make up your own. I’m amazed at what others will find in my photos that I hadn’t even considered when I captured them.

I hope you’ll find something in my images that will be significant for you, and will allow you to create your own story; or possibly, one of my images will make you smile, and recall a fond memory. Whatever it is, enjoy looking at the world through my viewfinder.


Several years ago, I retired from my job of 30 years in the defense industry.  I took a trip to Ethiopia and had my trusty Canon PowerShot with me.  I knew how to use it on automatic and took some fair snapshots.  Seemed good enough until my guide, Ian, who was a photographer as well as guide, said “I can show you how to use that camera better.”  That was it; we traveled and shot.  He talked; I listened.  I came home from that trip with way better photos that I had ever anticipated and bought my first ever DSLR.  Many classes and workshops later, I’m still wandering through Cyberia, books, tutorials and workshops in my quest to learn more about photography and improve my skills.

All images on this website and those seen on the sites under the “shop” tab on this website are available for sale in a variety of formats:  prints – matted or unmatted, note cards, magnets, canvas, stand alone frames, and panel frames.  Standard framing is by special request only.

I offer some services as well:  children’s portraits, parties, family events, photo scanning, photo book assembly, product photography.  Prices and references for these services are available upon request.

Thanks for looking!


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