Went to the Autorama at Cobo Hall Friday night for the first time in probably a million years.  Quite a sight/site to see.  A superb contrast to the comings and goings of Ajijic (but thatwill be another post on another day).

Anyway, son-in-law Jimmy has his 1963 Biscayne (aka the second-coming of the Bob-lo boat) on display at the show.  Jill and her friend, Angie, decided to buy him a sailor hat to go with his boat.  You’ll see it sitting on the car’s engine in the photos.

Captain Jimmy & his vessel

The cars displayed provide quite a spectacle. The vehicles sparkle in the overhead lights as if they’re diamond-studded. The $$$ involved in lavishing all that TLC on these vehicles astounds me.  That part of the “auto industry” seems livlier than the new cars–in my opinion anyway.

People watching at this event is on a par with people watching at the Woodward Dream Cruise.  It’s easy to spend hours just doing that.  Throw in eyeballing the cars and all the other displays and goings-on, and a person could spend a day lost in cars, auto parts, toys, men with beer-bellies, and girls wearing FM pumps and short skirts.   Let’s not forget the guyy we saw last night with at least 6″ gauges in his ears, studs along his eyebrows, and tats covering most (if not all) of his face.  Fonzie was quite a sight to see.  He’s aged, but who hasn’t–unless you’ve died and if you have then you’re not reading this post.  I’ll give him credit; he hasn’t dyed his hair, and he hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery.  He looks pretty good.  Not so good that I’d go pay to have a photo taken with him or get an autograph.

The Fonz

You can check out more pix at my Autorama album.

We trekked over to Honest John’s for a bite.  Want a great burger in an even better atmosphere?  Check this place out!

Time to get away from this computer and go walk the dogs.  I’ve been sitting here way toooooooooooooooo long.  ::-)