Here’s a fellow either loading or unloading bunches of bananas on/off the boat.  I shot this picture at Puerto Bocas del Toro in the Republic of Panama when we visited that captivating area in Jan 2014.  Why am I posting these old pictures?  Because I am (1) finally getting to them and (2) I joined a Facebook group called Photo a Day Challenge.  Each day is a different topic and a different challenge to find a photo that meets the topic.   Sometimes I have photos that I took several years ago and never even looked at that fit the bill.  Other times I have to shoot new ones.  But this challenge has forced me to revisit my old photos and it’s getting me to clear off my hard drive and dump images that are not worth keeping.  The other reason I’m posting them here is because I’ve been really lazy about writing my blog.  I figure if I post a photo a day on FB, then that photo will go here with a bit of a story.  The story behind this one is that in late January 2014, Al & I decided to get outta Dodge – in other words, go on a vacay to a warm and sunny spot – before he went in for surgery.  January 2014 was when he was to undergo the surgery for a total shoulder replacement and was going to be out of commission and in a sling for about six months.  That was also the year I slipped on the ice and broke my left wrist (in February while Al was recuperating), putting me in surgery and in a sling for six weeks as well.  It was an interesting six weeks.  But at least we had a tan!