At 5 degrees, it’s plenty cold outside.  I can barely get Oz, my MinPin, to go outside to do his business.  I haven’t been out since Tuesday when I had the hardware removed from my left wrist.  So . . . what to do on a cold day?  I can’t knit or crochet at the moment, I could read a book but that’s not calling me.  Instead, I’ve been going through photos from 2008 and 2009 and deleting a lot of them.  Some were worth saving.  It’s interesting to see how much I’ve progressed with my photography since I first started thinking I could take photos in early 2009.  I can see where I knew what type of photo I wanted, I just didn’t know how to get there.  It’s been fun seeing my progress.  What’s been more fun is reliving some of the terrific trips we took.  I felt that I needed to rework some of the photos I took back then to see if I could make them look better.  I think I did.  Now, if only I can remember how to make a slideshow in WordPress.  LOL