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2019 365 Day Photo Challenge

In late January, I started this challenge. I was newly-radiated and chemo-ed and needed something to take my mind off of how miserable I was feeling. I was fatigued, had very dry mouth and a difficult time swallowing, my taste buds were pretty much non-existent. I was skinny as a stick, and I was not giving up. I knew I would eventually feel better, and[...]


It's 2019.  I'm finished with chemo and radiation therapy.  I needed to get myself motivated to taking pictures so decided to try the 365 day photo challenge again.  It's been six years since the last challenge.  I started in late January - why start the new year on day 1?  Anyway, 17 days in.  I'm still pretty much stickin' aro[...]

365 Day Photo Project - The First 90 Days

I've put a book together of the first 90 days of my 365 day photo project. You can check it out at My Publisher.  I've learned a lot doing this project . . . not only about photography, PhotoShop, plug-ins, textures, etc. but about myself as well.  Some days I'm just not as dedicated as I should be.  Occasionally, I don't even want to look into a viewfinder [...]

Day 182 of the 365 Day Photo Project

July 1. Where have the last three months gone? That's how long it's been since I posted anything. Surprisingly, I've been keeping up with my photo a day although I've had to readjust my "rules" so to speak. Some days I just don't have the inspiration to pick up the camera and make an image. Those are the days I either (a) take a snapshot and call it good or [...]

Day 88 of the 365 Day Photo Project - The Willy B Hotel

Well, what started out as a pretty ordinary day turned into an extraordinary day.  Al had to have a stent put into an artery this morning so all is well.  His lovely nurse, Michelle, has taken good care of him all day and for that she has our gratitude.  The photo is not the most glamorous, but it's a fun way to make a not so much fun day a little better[...]

Day 77 of the 365 Day Photo Project - Orange Julia

  Hmmm, second Julia in a row.  Wonder if that's telling me anything.  Day 77 was a really ugly day - rainy, gray.  You get the picture.  I spent a good portion of the morning at the ophthalmologist's office getting my post-surgery eye checked out and getting measured for a new prescription for my glasses - lunettes as they say in French.  I like[...]

Day 76 of the 365 Day Photo Project - Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

My pal, Julia Franco, has added a new aspect to her passion for helping people heal and stay well - Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion.  I don't know a lot about it, but I did go to one of her sessions.  I spent an hour listening to the amazing sounds these crystal bowls make.  They literally sing to you.  Each bowl is associated with a chakra.  Chakras are "m[...]

Day 75 of the 365 Day Photo Project - Organized

We were supposed to go to Dow Gardens on Saturday, but it snowed again and the roads looked a bit iffy.  We opted to stay home, which worked out well anyway.  I got a lot of chores accomplished here at home and was organized enough to get out my colored pencils so I could make a picture.  Too bad I can't really draw anything with those pencils.  But, Crayola[...]

Days 73 and 74 of the 365 Day Photo Project

So, Thursday was D-Day as far as that Galapagos photo book was concerned.  I did manage to get out and shoot this underpass which was almost on my way home from yoga.  I figured I needed a stretch and some fresh air before I ensconced myself in front of the computer for the day.  I spent many long hours putting the book together on My Publisher.  If you [...]

Day 72 of the 365 Day Photo Project

Wednesday, 13 March, was another busy day.  Friend Judy and I attended an interesting presentation at The Community House in Birmingham.  Called the Bullet Proof Lecture Series and presented by Camille Jayne, it proved to be informational and a good, insightful way to approach position oneself better through personal branding.  I had an entirely differen[...]