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Days 18 and 19 of the 365 day photo project - Still Life and Abyssinian Church

Both of these photos were taken with my Samsung phone.  The still life was taken with an ap called Paper Camera.  I don't remember what filter I used - may have been bleaching.  The church photo was taken with the Samsung as well but I processed it in Photoshop CS5 and applied some filters from Nik Software.  I went shooting today at Holy Trinity Church, bu[...]

Day 17 of the 365 day photo project - doves on ice Yesterday these two lovely doves sat on the icy birdbath for quite some time.  I got out the camera, opened the window and shot away.  After a few clicks of the shutter, they quizzically looked up as if to ask what the heck is that clickety click noise we're hearing.  Couldn't resist.  Took this one with my Ni[...]

Day 16 of the 356 day photo project - Today is my birthday

Self-portrait taken with my phone camera. It does a good job, it's the subject that's the issue.  But then, at my age, it's good to still be able to take a photo.  It only took about 50 photos to choose one I wouldn't be too embarrassed to post on here.  ;-P Today's been a good day; I received many birthday wishes from friends and family, got a few gifts,[...]

Days 12 - 15 of the 365 day photo project

Day Day 12 - a really warm day on Saturday.  Not only the dogs and their people were out enjoying the balmy weather but so were the families with little kids.  This photo of the boy on his bike was processed in Topaz Adjust and Lightroom. Day 13 - Sunday - totally uninspired after going to dinner the night before and having a couple of martinis.  Decided to[...]

Day 11 of the 365 day photo project - Kaitlyn gets a new car

Life just gets too darned hectic sometimes.  It's either that or I don't manage my time well or . . . I've got too many irons in the fire.  Whatever it is, posting every day doesn't seem to be a possibility.  Last Friday (the 11th) turned out to be a busy day.  My granddaughter bought a car and needed me to go with her to the dealership.  That took most of t[...]

Day 9 of the 365 day photo project - art deco

On Day 9 I decided to go to Michael's with my 50% off coupon and the birthday money my mom gave me to buy myself a present.  I got a light table - a little item I've been wanting to get for some time.  I couldn't wait to get it home and out of the box.  I grabbed this lovely little pastel pinkish art deco vase from the china cabinet, placed it on the light[...]

Days 7 and 8 of the 365 day photo project

Days 7 and 8 of this year-long project came and went.  I finally cleaned up my room in the basement and set up my tripod and other photo gear.  I wanted to try shooting in the dark and just using my flashlight to light up the dinosaurs.  I got these cheesy little plastic dinos with my orders from Photojojo.  They're fun but not necessarily very photogenic[...]

Day 6 of the 365 Day Photo Project - Texture

Walking home in the rain from my mother's apartment, I decided to investigate an empty house that sits on the corner of Normandy and Crooks in Royal Oak.  Not much intrigued me in the front yard, but the backyard, full of deep wet snow, offered up some interesting textures on an old fence.  This particular piece interested me most, so out came the Canon Po[...]