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A Touch of Cancer - Part 2

  Well, I am well past Day 1 of the treatment.  In fact, I’m half way through the chemo and the radiation.  I get the last round of chemo next week – just in time for Thanksgiving – so I won’t be having the usual turkey dinner.  I could, but I sure wouldn’t be able to taste it.  God, how I miss my taste buds.  I didn’t realize how much they meant to [...]

A Touch of Cancer - Part 1

I have been dreading the onset of chemo and radiation therapy.  I imagined the worst scenarios - my imagination tends to take me to some very dark places sometimes.  I am not afraid; I know the cancer can be cured, but I don’t cope well with not being in control.  I cannot fix this "touch of cancer" myself and I must rely on the doctors and technology to get[...]


I always find it difficult to call beautiful butterflies like these insects.  Somehow the name just doesn't fit them.  But insects they are.  They are in the order Lepidoptera and according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, there are "more than 155,000 species of butterflies, moths, and skippers."  Butterflies are familiar to us because they fly during[...]

Tell Me Why

This one will take a bit of explaining. It's a composite of several photos/backgrounds that I took or created in PhotoShop for an entry into a show called How Many More that addressed the topic of gun violence in America. The show was in March at the Lawrence Street Gallery.  It was a hot topic, and we got a huge crowd in for opening night.  On June 2, which[...]

Those Eyes - and then some

In keeping with the photo a day challenge topic, I'm doing a catch up since the week has been extraordinarily busy.  When I stopped at Bananas, the next topic was water fun (8th).  I added this picture of a man paddling his kayak along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  Paddling the wild beauty of Lake Superior along this lakeshore is still on my bucket[...]


Here's a fellow either loading or unloading bunches of bananas on/off the boat.  I shot this picture at Puerto Bocas del Toro in the Republic of Panama when we visited that captivating area in Jan 2014.  Why am I posting these old pictures?  Because I am (1) finally getting to them and (2) I joined a Facebook group called Photo a Day Challenge.  Each day is [...]


I'm glad today is the last day of 2015; it was a terrible year. Maybe not as bad as some people had, but it didn't do me any favors. Good riddance!

September Sentiments

Well, here it is 9-11-2015.  Fourteen years ago today I was at work and heard the news that some planes and flown into the twin towers.  The office buzzed with anxiety, people wondering what was going on, and (since I worked in the defense industry) security heightened within our building.  Just about everyone congregated in the cafeteria to gape at the news[...]

Brrrrr - It's Cold Outside

At 5 degrees, it's plenty cold outside.  I can barely get Oz, my MinPin, to go outside to do his business.  I haven't been out since Tuesday when I had the hardware removed from my left wrist.  So . . . what to do on a cold day?  I can't knit or crochet at the moment, I could read a book but that's not calling me.  Instead, I've been going through photos fro[...]

Oaks Church, Royal Oak

If you're looking for a great way to help local people who are in unfortunate circumstances, check out the Oaks Church outreach  opportunity.  While I'm not unduly religious and don't necessarily believe much in organized religions, I am a strong proponent of the Golden Rule.  It's important to help others and the Oaks Church does a good job of promoting com[...]