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Words, words, words

Per delitescent is an adjective that means concealed, hidden, or latent and comes from the Latin word dēlitēscere meaning "to hide away." Every day I get a word of the day email from  I really enjoy new words, and this website doesn't disappoint.  Some days I love the new word they send; others, ehhh.  I always try to see ho[...]

Monday, Monday - again

Good grief, the week went by way too quickly.  Even though it was bleedingly hot last week, I was busy as usual.  Despite the heat, we were able to get the dogs walked by going out early and shortening up the walks.  The heat and humidity give my little furry, four-legged friends a difficult go at it.  By the end of a 1.5 mile walk, tongues loll out of the s[...]

Spring . . . Printemps . . . Primavera . . . Fruhling

I spied him perched atop a phragmite His red epaulet sun-kissed, burning bright My ears perked up at his loud konk-la-reeee Filling the marsh with songs full of light My heart was glad, I knew it was spring I'd heard the red-winged blackbird sing

Days 12 - 15 of the 365 day photo project

Day Day 12 - a really warm day on Saturday.  Not only the dogs and their people were out enjoying the balmy weather but so were the families with little kids.  This photo of the boy on his bike was processed in Topaz Adjust and Lightroom. Day 13 - Sunday - totally uninspired after going to dinner the night before and having a couple of martinis.  Decided to[...]

Goin' to the dogs

Saturday was a really nice, balmy day.  Who woulda thunk January in Michigan would be that warm (almost 60 degrees F).  People were out in shirt sleeves and shorts.  We were walking at Quickstad Park and ran into these four charmers.  From the left, Maggie, Pave (pronounced pah-vay), Riley, and Ruby.  It's interesting with dog owners.  We all know each oth[...]


I want to share this article with whoever chooses to read this blog.  While focus is very important in photography, Rob Sheppard writes in his Nature and Photography blog about how important it is in everything we do.  


Ataraxia - a great new word for me.  Obviously, I had to look it up.  It means a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility.  If I lived on an isolated island somewhere in the Pacific or the South Seas would I experience ataraxia?  I'm not sure.  I'd probably be anxious about something - hurricanes or typhoons; the usual anxieties l[...]

Happy Holidays

Our Christmas letter is short and sweet In fact, it could almost be a Tweet We here in Royal Oak have enough to eat, and Consumers Energy has not turned off our heat Our toes are toasty; our pants are dry; and right now, the grass isn't growing too high The kids are well, the dogs are swell, and the cats are meowing for their food . . . oh, well! The [...]

Christmas 2011 -- Birth of a New Tradition

Christmas 2011 is just around the corner and I've been dreading it.  I don't normally buy gifts if I can help it and when I do, I try very diligently to buy locally produced items.  I received the following email today from a friend.  I'm not sure who authored the following message, but a big shout out and a thanks to whoever wrote it because it's full of go[...]