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When I got the assignment to do silhouettes for my digital photo class, I admit to being somewhat stumped.  I mean, I know what a silhouette looks like, and I've taken several photos that are silhouettes.  Mostly, though, those were by accident and not by design.  So, how to go about actually creating a photo silhouette?  And, worse yet, how to get that damn[...]

27" Shoelaces

Cleaning out a junk drawer the other day, I came upon an old pair of 27" white shoelaces.  I don't know how many years they've just been lying around in that drawer, but they made me think of a pair of Keds that I used to own.  The Keds were just the usual Keds we all wore.  I loved those shoes.  They were comfy and looked good with just about everything . .[...]

Happy 2011

Happy New Year It’s the start of a new year and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m starting off with a clean slate.  It’s as if the teacher wiped the board off and all the old problems and info languishing on it disappeared into some other dimension.  I’m positive I’m not alone in this feeling given all the articles on New Year resolutions for 2011[...]

Merry Christmas

Two of my favorite Christmas songs.  Thought I'd share them with you.  Enjoy.  Have a very merry, merry Christmas. Sweet Angie the Christmas Tree Angel by The Andrews Sisters The Secret of Christmas by Ella Fitzgerald

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Saturday a.m. we picked up a new reindeer from Marvin at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.  Marvin (his business is called Marvin's Gardens) has made several pieces for us and we love his work.  The deer is now hanging happily in the big white spruce in front of the house.  Although we got him as a Christmas decoration, I think I might just let him stay there fo[...]


My gardens are put to bed for the winter.  I moved the three mophead hydrangea plants that were living behind an Annabelle and two larger mophead hydrangeas.  These poor little ones were in danger of getting snuffed out by the “front runners.” As you might recall, I also planted some garlic this year.  In addition to doing those tasks, I added two new tulip [...]

Warp Speed

Got home from our trip to Socorro late Friday and have been going at warp speed since then.  Having a down day today sounds like a really good plan.  But, I still have lots to do to get ready for the baby shower we're hosting this coming Sunday for Gayle. The Socorro trip turned out to be great fun and a huge learning experience.  Al and I traveled to Soc[...]


Well, yesterday was the big game between MSU and U of M.  We all know the outcome so no need going into it here.  Four of us knit wits, however, spent the morning working on "spirit hats" for our team of choice.  Three of us worked on MSU hats despite the fact that two of the knitters were definitely rooting for U of M but knitting the MSU hats for friends. [...]

Monday, Monday . . .

As we normally do, we started today out with morning coffee and a three-mile walk with Harley and Oz.  Those two won't let us get away with just sitting around trying to wake up.  We have to be out and moving no later than 8:30, or our furry little pals follow us around the house.  Talk about a guilty conscience--these two personify it and put it in motion. [...]

Tempus fugit, etc.

Wow!  Tempus fugit!  Hard to believe it's been almost a week since my last post.  I've been busy though.  I hate to admit this fact since my last post, but I've not really gone out of my way to get out of my t-shirts and shorts this past week.  But then, if you're out playing in the dirt, it doesn't make sense to dress up does it?  I did spend a good part of[...]