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Chapter 2 - Wandering in Iceland

If I have to get lost, Iceland is a great place in which to be adrift.  Though not really lost, I am without a map of this country so I have no clue where I’m going.  That might be a good thing really.  It will force me to go with the flow and stop being in charge.  It’ll feel good to just be a follower. So, on my second day in Iceland and my first day wi[...]

Lighthouses in West Michigan

This past weekend we decided to go to West Michigan to shoot the lighthouses while they were covered in ice.  Walking to some of the lighthouses was treacherous to say the least.  Saturday wasn't too bad as it was in the high teens/low 20s temperature-wise.  On Saturday, we managed to visit the lighthouses at St. Joseph and South Haven.  I can't remember eve[...]

Pine River Nature Center

Some shots from the Pine River Nature Center photo shoot yesterday.  Went there with the meetup group called the Michigan Thumb Photographers.  Sounds like they like to take pictures of thumbs but that's really not the case.  They're a group of enthusiastic photographers who live in the thumb area. The PRNC offers 90 acres of hardwood forest, wetlands, an[...]


Last Sunday I went to the Howell Nature Center for the annual birds of prey photo workshop/shoot.  What a terrific experience.  The center is a great place to trek around as it is a permanent home to many injured animals that can no longer be released back into their native environments.  It is also a recuperation area for injured animals that can be sent [...]

Monarch Migration

Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario, Canada is a temporary home to thousands of Monarch butterflies getting ready to migrate south for the winter.  Each Fall, these orange beauties begin one of nature's most arduous journeys.  Monarchs are the only butterfly to migrate south for the winter and north for the summer.  Point Pelee, located at the[...]

In Search of Prairie-Smoke

Our red Jeep rolled into the parking area near the interpretive signs at Maxton Plains.  The late afternoon sky was overcast giving the alvars a subtle, tranquil appearance.  I popped out of the Jeep like a jack-in-the-box, anxious to begin looking for the little purply-pink beauties we just drove six hours to see.  Camera in hand, I began walking east on Pl[...]

The Mulberry Tree Café

A hot new eating establishment took over the dining scene last summer here in northeastern Royal Oak.  Situated in an out of the way spot, this relatively small but popular eatery rivals those in the downtown area.  Although narrowly constructed, it’s tall with an outdoorsy yet urbane ambience. The Mulberry Tree Café occupies a small space but draws visitor[...]

Ahhh, Spring.

Walking around the neighborhood tonight, I realized once again just how gorgeous the world is when the trees start showing off their blossoms, the branches become adorned with more varieties of green than the 128-box of Crayolas contains, the shy spring wildflowers peek out to view the world again, and the madcap tulips and daffy daffodils create a palette o[...]

Michigan Conservation Stewards Program in Oakland County: Winter 2011 Session

I"m posting the following MSUE announcement here to promote the conservation stewards program in Oakland County.  I completed this course in 2007 and assisted with the 2009 class sessions.  I can say with confidence that it's a worth-while endeavor - especially if you're interested in helping to preserve and maintain our natural environment.  So take a loo[...]