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Kitty, Kitty, Where is the kitty

          In late November Neiman, one of our two tuxedo cats, had to be put down because he had kidney failure.   Marcus, Neiman's litter mate, seemed pretty lonesome since they had been together for their entire lives - about 4 or 5 years.  We're not sure exactly how old they were.  At any rate, we decided it wa[...]

Goin' to the dogs

Saturday was a really nice, balmy day.  Who woulda thunk January in Michigan would be that warm (almost 60 degrees F).  People were out in shirt sleeves and shorts.  We were walking at Quickstad Park and ran into these four charmers.  From the left, Maggie, Pave (pronounced pah-vay), Riley, and Ruby.  It's interesting with dog owners.  We all know each oth[...]

Day 5 of the 365 Day Photo Project - Taser

Went over to babysit Matt this morning.  As usual, Taser was the only cat of the four that live at Matt's house who was out and about hoping to get her ears scratched and maybe get a handout.  Jody and Gayle found this little beauty in their backyard, so they adopted her.  She's plumped out some since they took her in and she's a lovely little lady.  I am [...]

Tow Truck Hauls Min Pin Home from Veterinary Clinic

My five year old Min Pin, Ozzie, recently had a check up at the vet.  I knew he was a bit overweight, but I wasn't quite sure how much.  When the technician weighed him, he was a half pound more than he was on his last visit.  That meant he was about 3-4 pounds overweight.  OK, I could live with that and Oz would need a diet.  When the technician brought me [...]

Ozzie's visit to the vet

Yesterday, Oz visited the vet for his annual check up.  We walked to the office where he got his check up and a distemper shot.  All went well except the doctor told us he gained four lbs.  I don't believe that--maybe two, but certainly not four.  Anyway, we walked home.  On the way, Oz met Rufus and they had a nice run together down the street and in the [...]

Radar on stake-out

As usual this morning, Radar staked himself out under the shrubs in the back yard.  His line of sight includes the bird feeder which at this time of year is literally hopping with juncos, sparrows, pigeons (well, they don't hop), cardinals, and house sparrows.  Fortunately or unfortunately--depending on your point of view, the cat with no front claws gets a [...]