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State of MI . . . nd

As you can see by the two images, several of my photos of Detroit and Michigan will be on exhibit in the Red Room of the Main Art Theater.  I hope you can come by to see my perspective of this gorgeous state where we live.

365 Day Photo Project - The First 90 Days

I've put a book together of the first 90 days of my 365 day photo project. You can check it out at My Publisher.  I've learned a lot doing this project . . . not only about photography, PhotoShop, plug-ins, textures, etc. but about myself as well.  Some days I'm just not as dedicated as I should be.  Occasionally, I don't even want to look into a viewfinder [...]

Days 12 - 15 of the 365 day photo project

Day Day 12 - a really warm day on Saturday.  Not only the dogs and their people were out enjoying the balmy weather but so were the families with little kids.  This photo of the boy on his bike was processed in Topaz Adjust and Lightroom. Day 13 - Sunday - totally uninspired after going to dinner the night before and having a couple of martinis.  Decided to[...]

Goin' to the dogs

Saturday was a really nice, balmy day.  Who woulda thunk January in Michigan would be that warm (almost 60 degrees F).  People were out in shirt sleeves and shorts.  We were walking at Quickstad Park and ran into these four charmers.  From the left, Maggie, Pave (pronounced pah-vay), Riley, and Ruby.  It's interesting with dog owners.  We all know each oth[...]

Day 6 of the 365 Day Photo Project - Texture

Walking home in the rain from my mother's apartment, I decided to investigate an empty house that sits on the corner of Normandy and Crooks in Royal Oak.  Not much intrigued me in the front yard, but the backyard, full of deep wet snow, offered up some interesting textures on an old fence.  This particular piece interested me most, so out came the Canon Po[...]

Day 5 of the 365 Day Photo Project - Taser

Went over to babysit Matt this morning.  As usual, Taser was the only cat of the four that live at Matt's house who was out and about hoping to get her ears scratched and maybe get a handout.  Jody and Gayle found this little beauty in their backyard, so they adopted her.  She's plumped out some since they took her in and she's a lovely little lady.  I am [...]

2012 Photos in Review by The Water Closet Werks

Looking back on the photos I took in 2012, I realized I'd gone to many interesting and photogenic places.  Most of them weren't too far from home.  No wonder I don't have much time to travel abroad lately.  I've been way too busy here!  That's not a bad thing either.  Michigan is an amazing place.  I had a difficult time picking 12 favorites from among all t[...]

A shooting in Port Huron

Several of us decided to go shooting in Port Huron at night.  Despite the cold and the very windy conditions, I managed to stay out for about 2.5 hours shooting some of the interesting places in Port Huron.