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Triangulated Shadows

While at the Henry Ford museum last week, I spotted an exhibit of a modern chair suspended in space and strung up with wires.  While the chair itself proved interesting, the shadows created by the structure holding it in midair seemed way more photogenic than the chair.  I used Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro 2 for the black and white effect. (c)2012 Thewate[...]

Bats in my belfry - and then some

On Saturday I got up early so I could attend the Bats and More Photo Shoot at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills.  This event was hosted by the Organization for Bat Conservation, a non-profit organization, whose "mission is to preserve bats and their habitats through education, collaboration, and research." They do a lot to educate the pu[...]


Trying to learn how to use some of my software better and also got some new software that I'm trying out.  What better way to do that than take some old photos and see what I can make of them.  Some I took with my old point and shoot, some with my phone, some with my new point and shoot.  They are much improved from their originals.

Note cards by thewaterclosetwerks

The above images are available as note cards. Please check out my Etsy site for more details on how to purchase. Thanks for looking!

Travelin' in the 313 via the People Mover

Yesterday turned out to be a lot of fun.  For starts, we hooked up with friends and headed over to Cobo to see the Detroit Kennel Club dog show.  It was a day of firsts for my friend, Ann.  First, she'd never eaten at the 555 Bistro in the Greektown Casino so we went there to overeat at their breakfast buffet.  From there we took the People Mover to Cobo.  S[...]


Last Sunday I went to the Howell Nature Center for the annual birds of prey photo workshop/shoot.  What a terrific experience.  The center is a great place to trek around as it is a permanent home to many injured animals that can no longer be released back into their native environments.  It is also a recuperation area for injured animals that can be sent [...]


When I got the final project assignment in my photography class, I decided on 10 minutes (or less) from home as my theme and that I'd give myself some limits - my Nikon D60, my 90mm macro lens, and a fisheye lens I borrowed from the OCC lab to take the photos.  And, of course, I couldn't travel more than 10 minutes from where I live - mode of transportation [...]