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Here's a fellow either loading or unloading bunches of bananas on/off the boat.  I shot this picture at Puerto Bocas del Toro in the Republic of Panama when we visited that captivating area in Jan 2014.  Why am I posting these old pictures?  Because I am (1) finally getting to them and (2) I joined a Facebook group called Photo a Day Challenge.  Each day is [...]

Out of Chicago - Chapter 1

Last week at this time, I was hangin’ out in Chicago.  I hadn’t been to Chicago for years, and I’d forgotten what a thriving and beautiful city it is.  I took the Megabus to Chicago from Detroit.  I had not done that bus trip before, but it was well worth the $55 round trip fare that I paid – including reserved seats.  The Megabus has WiFi, electrical outlet[...]

Chapter 2 - Wandering in Iceland

If I have to get lost, Iceland is a great place in which to be adrift.  Though not really lost, I am without a map of this country so I have no clue where I’m going.  That might be a good thing really.  It will force me to go with the flow and stop being in charge.  It’ll feel good to just be a follower. So, on my second day in Iceland and my first day wi[...]

Chapter 1 - I arrive in Iceland

Last Sunday, after spending 8+ hours at Boston's Logan Airport, I boarded Iceland Air for my flight over to Reykjavik.  This trip was a long time in the planning stage, and now I'm sitting here in Reykjavik on a sunny, balmy (30 degrees F) Sunday afternoon writing this post.  Getting ready to go out and explore a little of the city, but I'm really not in too[...]

Lighthouses in West Michigan

This past weekend we decided to go to West Michigan to shoot the lighthouses while they were covered in ice.  Walking to some of the lighthouses was treacherous to say the least.  Saturday wasn't too bad as it was in the high teens/low 20s temperature-wise.  On Saturday, we managed to visit the lighthouses at St. Joseph and South Haven.  I can't remember eve[...]

Monarch Migration

Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario, Canada is a temporary home to thousands of Monarch butterflies getting ready to migrate south for the winter.  Each Fall, these orange beauties begin one of nature's most arduous journeys.  Monarchs are the only butterfly to migrate south for the winter and north for the summer.  Point Pelee, located at the[...]

Warp Speed

Got home from our trip to Socorro late Friday and have been going at warp speed since then.  Having a down day today sounds like a really good plan.  But, I still have lots to do to get ready for the baby shower we're hosting this coming Sunday for Gayle. The Socorro trip turned out to be great fun and a huge learning experience.  Al and I traveled to Soc[...]

Spectacular Southern Spain

Southern Spain Photo Album finally finished.  Still want to do albums for the rest of the trip to Spain and France.  Not enough hours in the day!  How did I ever find time to work?

Meanders in Michigan

Since we decided to stay around home this summer, our goal is to explore some of the places in Michigan we haven’t seen and maybe revisit some we haven’t seen in years.  For starters, we checked out Sleepy Hollow State Park .  We had not been to this park before, so we explored a bit.  It’s a nice park but not one I’d need to drive about 100 miles to visit a[...]

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I could live in Paris--if I could afford it, that is.  At any rate, the visit rocked.  Our hotel on the Boulevard Port-Royal (a busy, noisy, tree-lined artery with an intersection that involved five busy streets), was well located and not touristy. We spent Saturday with Anne-Marie at her place in Massy.  I wish the visit could have been longer and that we [...]