If I have to get lost, Iceland is a great place in which to be adrift.  Though not really lost, I am without a map of this country so I have no clue where I’m going.  That might be a good thing really.  It will force me to go with the flow and stop being in charge.  It’ll feel good to just be a follower.

So, on my second day in Iceland and my first day with the group (Jack Graham’s Ultimate Photo Workshop), we were up and out early and following our fearless leader Jack (and Greg, Gulli & Orvar) – to where he was leading us and how we should take the shots we were hoping to get.  This Tuesday is going to be a long day of shooting and traveling.  The first day of shooting is usually crap, and I was not an exception to this phenomenon.  Having just flown into Iceland, being off our normal schedules and times zones, it takes time to get accustomed to the new environment.  Anyway, it sounds good.

We stopped at two waterfalls (don’t know the names but they end in foss which is Icelandic for falls), to see the horses (and no, they’re not wild), to photograph a church, and then to a black sand beach on the way to Vik.  Vik is in southern Iceland and is a pretty little town.  It’s where the cute church is located and the black sand beach which makes Vik a bit edgy – it’s known for its eerie basalt stacks that poke out of the water like witch’s fingers.

Cleats and boots are a must here.  One of the things I first noticed is that sidewalks in the city are icier than hell.  It seems that no one shovels or clears sidewalks so people can walk in a bit of safety.  Not only are they pretty necessary in the city, they’re very necessary when walking around any of the attractions which are pretty much all watery in some form.  At the first waterfall, the stairs going up to the waterfall were absolutely covered in ice.  I decided to play it safe and stick to the low ground.


N1 or Ring Road goes around the island and is dotted with service stations/mini-marts very similar to what we have at home.  One difference is that these places serve hot food that’s made on the premises.  The coffee machines are a dream.  Pay your money (expensive but I don’t know how much exactly), press a button and get a latte, a cappuccino, or a mochaccino.  Why don’t we have these at home?  I would follow almost any route to get one of these yummy-scrumptious hot drinks!  Darn, I should have taken a photo of the coffee machine!