Day 1 – Today a pair of chickadees (Cheese and Burger) moved into the purple birdhouse.  It’s a two story building, and I think they’ve decided to occupy both floors.  They didn’t need a moving van, but I did see them bring in some furniture – no TV so at least I know they won’t be tapping into my cable.  LOL  We were anxiously awaiting their move in as they’ve been making visits to the house for the past couple of weeks.  I think they wanted to be sure it was the right neighborhood and that the schools were good.  So, now we get to see what transpires with Cheese and Burger and how many little ones they will have.  Why are they named Cheese and Burger you might ask.  Well, it’s because their call sounds like “cheeseburger” and that’s how we taught Matt to identify the call of the chickadee.  A few photos – one of Matt spying on the new neighbors.

untitled-8594 untitled-8598 untitled-8599