July 1. Where have the last three months gone? That’s how long it’s been since I posted anything. Surprisingly, I’ve been keeping up with my photo a day although I’ve had to readjust my “rules” so to speak. Some days I just don’t have the inspiration to pick up the camera and make an image. Those are the days I either (a) take a snapshot and call it good or (b) take an old photo and apply some new processing method I’m trying to learn. The project has morphed into not just a photo a day for a year but kind of a chronology of my life for the year. Over the past six months, I’ve looked at the photos I’ve taken and have come to the realization that they validate what’s important to me – family, home, my community, nature, wildlife (even when it’s mundane, quotidian stuff), and just about anything else. Most of the photos are on my Flickr stream and some are on my Facebook page. All are living in Lightroom on my computer (and, yes, they’re backed up).
April was a busy month and for that month we didn’t visit a hospital for one family member or another. I realized that from January to the end of June, I’ve visited or accompanied family members to the hospital every month but April. April was fun. We traveled to Arizona (Page area) and Utah (Monument Valley) where I participated in a photo workshop facilitated by Jack Graham. Jack works wonders with photos and teaches his students how to try and work wonders as well. He does a great job and I learned a lot from him.  May we visited the youngest daughter in Minnesota and spent a week helping her get through some surgery.  We had a good time visiting with the grandsons who are beyond handsome and getting more grown up all the time.  How the heck did these kids get to be so old?  We no sooner got back from Minnesota than we took a quick trip to Drummond Island to see if the prairie smokes were in bloom.  Not only were they in bloom, but the Indian paintbrushes colored up the alvar with their vibrant orangey-red and yellow petals.  The bight yellow lady slippers tripped the light fantastic in the winds that seemed to be blowing all the time, making it very difficult indeed to get a good clear close up of them.
I did manage to get my garden cleaned up and a few plants divided and moved around. I cut the baptisia (wild indigo) cut back. I moved a big chunk of it and when it got transplanted, it totally died. I worried over it for a minute, but I figured it would perk up as I was careful about the roots and watered the crap out of it when it got replanted. Yesterday when I deforested the garden (the maple trees like to leave lots of little maples in the spring), I looked at the baptisia and discovered that it’s got new little teeny tiny leaves decorating the naked stem.  Yay!
And now, it’s July 1 – day 182 of the photo project and of 2013. With luck, the rest of this year will be less troublesome than the first part.
Happy 4th of July and keep focusing and clicking.