Day 41, FrostDSC_0739

First thing this morning, while my breakfast was getting cold, I spotted some frost on the lantern – the one I use to feed Rusty.  Of course, clad in pajamas and bare feet, I had to run get the camera and then run back outside to shoot the frost.  The picture was a mess – full of rust spots and not a lot of contrast.  So, time to sharpen up my Photoshop skills and get to work on getting rid of the rust.  (Isn’t that incongruous as I want to get rid of the rust on the lantern, but I like having Rusty inside the lantern?  But, I digress.)  It looked much better after the rust was removed and the Nik filters applied.  After the Nik filters were applied, I tried out a preset in Lightroom 4.  It made the photo really pop.  Anyway, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  LOL