Taser - Jody's and Gayle's cat

Taser – Jody’s and Gayle’s cat

Went over to babysit Matt this morning.  As usual, Taser was the only cat of the four that live at Matt’s house who was out and about hoping to get her ears scratched and maybe get a handout.  Jody and Gayle found this little beauty in their backyard, so they adopted her.  She’s plumped out some since they took her in and she’s a lovely little lady.  I am always entranced by her gorgeous eyes.  As you might suspect, I had my camera with me.  She posed quite nicely and I was able to get a decent shot of her.  I used my Canon PowerShot S95 on pet/kid setting to get this one.  I cropped and tweaked in Lightroom.

I decided my goal is to use all the cameras I have to complete this project so that I can learn to use all the features on them.  I plan to drag out the old Minolta film camera so I can relearn how to use it.

So far, this learning experience is working out.