Day 77, Orange Julia

Hmmm, second Julia in a row.  Wonder if that’s telling me anything.  Day 77 was a really ugly day – rainy, gray.  You get the picture.  I spent a good portion of the morning at the ophthalmologist’s office getting my post-surgery eye checked out and getting measured for a new prescription for my glasses – lunettes as they say in French.  I like that word a lot better.  Just rolls off the tongue with greater ease.  Anyway, after that episode, my eyes were tired.  They needed to rest on something serenely gorgeous.  What better than to take myself to the butterfly house at the Detroit Zoo.  Not to many butters were flying as it was a dingy day as I already said, but some were flitting about.  Since the place wasn’t very busy, I had a lovely conversation with the knowledgeable and helpful volunteers staffing the place on a Monday afternoon.  Since they weren’t busy, they helped me find the butterflies and even identified them for me.  The lovely in the photo posed so nicely, how could I refuse to take her photo?  How do I know it’s a her rather than a him?  Not a clue but she’s just so pretty, she’s gotta be a girl.  Anyway, she’s an Orange Julia.  When I searched for this butterfly online, I got Orange Julius.  I haven’t had one of those in years.  Wonder where I can get one.