Thursday I went with some pals to see The Louise Heck-Rabi One Act Festival at the Studio Theater.  We opted for Honest John’s in Detroit for dinner.  (Honest John’s Bar & Grill. Pub Food, American; 488 Selden St , Detroit 48201) I love that place.  It’s got great bar food and the atmosphere of the place just embraces the ambiance of Detroit.  It’s comfortable at HJ’s but you know you’re not gonna be too comfy if you know what I mean.  Anyway, I never go in the “ladies room” without my camera.  I’ve found some pretty interesting stuff in there.  I always hate it when they paint the walls to give it a fresh slate.  Anyway the skull (bitches get stitches) is from the wall in the john.  Thanks to the artist whoever she is.

Day 67 is titled Pure Fabrication because that’s what it is.  It LOOKS like Al’s actually using the computer, but I really asked him to pose for this one.  He was indeed reading an email from the youngest daughter, but his hands are only on the keyboard for show.  He’s really not allowed to even touch my computer.

Day 68, we took Matt to visit my mom at the Village of Royal Oak, a senior community.  The ROFD (sadly) frequents that place all too often.  On the other hand, my two-year old grandson thought it was quite exciting to see the fire trucks coming up the street in full emergency mode.  I thought it was pretty exciting too – for many reasons – and figured it would make a good addition to my 365 day project.

Day 69, I trekked over to the Scarab Club to enter some work into an upcoming exhibit.  Nothing of mine was chosen.  🙁  , but I like visiting the place nonetheless.  They have some great exhibits there and the building is quite an historical place.  On the way home, I stopped along Woodward to get some photos.  I loved the way the windows looked on this old abandoned factory in Highland Park.  It sits just east of the Burlington Coat Factory in the shopping center off Woodward and just a touch behind the old Ford Plant.

The Detroit metro area is ever an amazing place.  And . . . it’s quite photogenic.  Pretty is nice, but character has it all over pretty in my book.