Day 70, Lunch in Ann Arbor Day 71, Galapagos Photo Book

Monday was a rainy day – perfect for driving to Ann Arbor to meet my pal, Rebecca, for lunch.  Perfect timing since I had to get my tripod fixed.  So, I stopped to get my tripod fixed at the Vanguard offices.  After lunch, I was hoping to explore Ann Arbor (or maybe even Kensington Metro Park) for some photos, but I didn’t feel like slogging around in the rain so a photo from the window of the Arbor Brewing Co did just fine.  Rebecca‘s the talented woman who put this website together for me, so she deserves a round of applause.  I like her work.

Tuesday was put together the photo book on the Galapagos.  We visited the Galapagos ages ago, but I just finally got around to putting the photos into book form.  My motivation?  A Living Social deal I bought months ago that was about to expire at midnight on the 14th.  And, of course, me being me, I totally procrastinated and spent my entire day gathering photos.  OK, so my Day 71 photo is one I took in May 2009 and not March 12, 2013, but I was so engrossed in pulling together photos for this photo book, I totally forgot to take my “daily shot.” This one will have to do. I’m going to say it counts ‘cuz I reprocessed it from when I originally took it.