So, Thursday was D-Day as far as that Galapagos photo book was concerned.  I did manage to get out and shoot this underpass which was almost on my way home from yoga.  I figured I needed a stretch and some fresh air before I ensconced myself in front of the computer for the day.  I spent many long hours putting the book together on My Publisher.  If you click on the My Publisher link, you can get a look at it.

On Friday, I didn’t want to look at another photo let alone take one.  So, I went to visit my daughter.  She works as a nanny and the cat that lives at the house where she works is called Baltimore.  He is a really cute cat, but he’s one mean bugger.  The last time I was over there, he drew blood from my hand.  I don’t even want to go near him.  I’m surprised I got this close to him to take his photo.  Doesn’t he have a great face though?  Cats are quite something.