Finally finished cleaning the winter debris out of the garden.  Discovered my red trillium came back this year and is flourishing.  The dark red flower adds a nice dash of color to the lady’s mantles and the hostas.  The white trilliums seem to have multiplied.  Where I used to have one or two, now I’ve got triple the amount of plants.  The jack in the pulpit population continues to increase much to my delight as does the lily of the valley crop.  I had one trout lily pop up this year so I’m hoping that next spring I’ll have a few more.  The blood roots give the garden a happy face every time they open up and smile at the sun.  I can see I have a lot of thinning to do, but I really need to wait to see what else will be showing up.

The colors on the trees, the tulips, the daffodils, the hyacinths, and all the other flowers that are just starting to pop makes me feel like I’m walking through a Monet painting.  Not to mention that all the flowering plants are free aromatherapy–unless, of course, you’ve got allergies.  But, hey.  That’s why the drug stores carry all sorts of allergy remedies isn’t it?

So, get outside and enjoy this fantabulous time of year.  It’s too good to be missed.