Two new hydrangeas called  ‘Little Honey‘ arrived on Thursday (Hydrangea quercifolia Little Honey). Got them in the ground yesterday before it rained.  They look to be in good condition despite their transport from Hodges, SC.  I’m hoping it will flourish in the garden.  It certainly promises to be a good looking plant.

Also put in some new ‘Flame Thrower’ echinacea plants.  They ought to brighten up the garden.  The lovely rain we’re having today should definitely help these new plants settle into their new home.

Anyone want some Hemerocallis fulva (you know, those orange lilies you see growing just about anywhere including I-75) plants?  Al dug out plenty of them yesterday.  They’re a great looking plant and I hear they’re edible – at least parts of them, but they do tend to form huge colonies in the garden and will take over if you let them.

Another plant that takes over if you don’t control it aggressively is the Obedient Plant.  The  name certainly belies the plant’s characteristics.  🙂  I could have fields of this stuff if I didn’t pull it out by the handful.  I will say that it pretty much grows anywhere.  Since I have a lot of shade in my yard, I use this plant as a filler where not much else will flourish.  Physotegia virginiana or the obedient plant looks particularly good with the orange lilies come blooming time.

No matter what you choose to grow in your garden, get out there and play in the dirt.  On a day like today though, it will be pretty darned muddy!  Have fun.