Nicky Claude






In late November Neiman, one of our two tuxedo cats, had to be put down because he had kidney failure.   Marcus, Neiman’s litter mate, seemed pretty lonesome since they had been together for their entire lives – about 4 or 5 years.  We’re not sure exactly how old they were.  At any rate, we decided it was time to get a buddy for Marcus.  Jen checked the Royal Oak Animal Shelter web page where she found two tuxedo cats that resembled Neiman and Marcus.

On Saturday (12-28-13), we trekked over to the shelter to see which of the two cats she chose – Macy or Dominic – might work out for us.  Macy, a sweet five-year old female, wouldn’t work out because she was not declawed and, at five, she was a bit too old to have that procedure done.  Dominic looked like he’d be our perfect choice – at only 13 weeks, he could still get his claws removed without too much trauma and he could have that done at the same time he got neutered.  Home he came with us (along with another sweet guy I couldn’t bear to leave in a cage, but that’s another story for another time).

Dominic (now called Nicky), however, is a very shy kitty.  Born outside and living at the shelter for as long as he did, Nicky was unaccustomed to the activities and freedom of a household.  His first night, he was sequestered in my office.  No problems except when we looked for him in the morning, we couldn’t find him.  He found good places to hide – like behind the books in the bookcase and in the bed of the hide-a-bed couch I have in my office – and we had no clue where to look for him.  He spent the entire day hiding; we spent the entire day searching for him.  Eventually he came out of his hidey-hole because he was hungry.  His second night he was sequestered again.  He was running around the room on the second morning, but kept hiding behind stuff.  He likes pets, purrs like crazy, and loves to play, but he’s skittish with people.  He did venture out of the office and he did decide he likes Ozzie, our Miniature Pinscher.  Yesterday, Nicky hid in the basement all day and sometime during the night, he ventured upstairs.  He’s getting along OK, but he’s skittish still.  Right now, I can hear him running around playing upstairs.  Marcus’ nose is out of joint because of the new cats, but he’s coming around.

Nicky needs a lot of hands on, but that’s going to take some time – especially since he has little razors on the ends of his paws, and he’s an expert at hiding.  We’ll get there.  We have patience, experience, and we’ve been smitten by the kitten bug.  🙂