Monday we finally got our kayaks in the water.  We paddled around Crooked Lake for a while – mostly I sat trying to get photos that weren’t blurry – and spotted a few Eastern King Birds, lots of water lilies and many dragon flies of one sort or another.  I have yet to be able to identify these lovely creatures even though I bought a book on the subject.  Why is it that the critters rarely look in real life the way they look in field guides?  We managed to get the boats out of the water and most of our gear stowed back in the Jeep before the big black storm cloud hanging over the lake decided to let loose and drench everything.  We left the boats and jumped in the car which was stifling.  I must admit the rain felt good, but since I didn’t have any dry clothes with me I opted for staying somewhat less wet than I already was.  On the way out of the park we spotted some very well fed turkeys – hens as far as I can tell.  They were having lunch in one of the picnic areas.  As we exited I-75 onto the Crooks Road ramp, Al spotted a doe and her fawn standing by the side of the road.  I grabbed my camera, walked back to them to (a) try to get them off the side of the road and back into the woods and (b) try to get a photo or two.  I managed to accomplish both tasks and I hope those deer decided to stay away from the road.  All in all, it proved to be a much better Monday than I expected.  Thinking back to how much I used to detest Mondays when I was still working, any Monday I don’t have to go to work is a good one even if I don’t get to go paddling around my favorite lake taking photos.  🙂