Last week at this time, I was hangin’ out in Chicago.  I hadn’t been to Chicago for years, and I’d forgotten what a thriving and beautiful city it is.  I took the Megabus to Chicago from Detroit.  I had not done that bus trip before, but it was well worth the $55 round trip fare that I paid – including reserved seats.  The Megabus has WiFi, electrical outlets, air conditioning that will freeze a steak, and a bathroom.  It makes one stop at the Love’s in Marshall (where they have delish hot dogs), and I arrived in Chicago rested, stress free and ready to attend the Out of Chicago 2016 Photography Conference.  I didn’t know what to expect from this conference, but I figured it would be good when the keynote speaker was Rick Sammon and one of the presenters for the Photoshop and Lightroom workshop was Matt Kloskowski.  How could it be bad?  After the keynote address, we headed out for a social photo walk with whoever we could find.  Buckingham Fountain proved fruitful – not only was the fountain gorgeous but a couple managed to add some romance to an otherwise mundane scene.  After that my gear and I made it to Millennium Park where I took the obligatory shot of the “bean” (really the Cloud Gate) and the Crown Fountain.  With temps in the 80s that night, getting a little wet at the Crown felt good.  I wished I could have run barefoot with the kids in the water.  People thronged the streets and the parks.  No one wanted to stay in on such a nice night and the city offered a multitude of activities.

With such a great first night, I could only look forward to two more fab days of learning, shooting, and meeting like-minded people.  Back at my OK hotel (inexpensive for Chicago, clean and in a good location but rThe Bowmanather dated), the arms of Morpheus wrapped around me and didn’t relinquish me until 6 the next morning.Buckingham Fountain- The Bean - and then some- The Kiss @Buckingham Fountain-