Spectacular Southern Spain

Southern Spain Photo Album finally finished.  Still want to do albums for the rest of the trip to Spain and France.  Not enough hours in the day!  How did I ever find time to work?

Saving Nature One Garden at a Time

SAVING NATURE ONE GARDEN AT A TIME Recently, I attended the MSU annual Garden Day where the keynote speaker was Doug Tallamy, author and chair of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the U. of Delaware.   In his address, Bringing Nature Home (also the title of his book), he discussed how our “gardens are part of the ecosystems that sustain h[...]

My Aldo Leopold Bench

When I spotted the Aldo Leopold bench a couple of years ago while visiting the Adirondacks, I decided my yard needed one.  Not just because Aldo Leopold is iconic in the field of wildlife ecology or because his book,  Sand Country Almanac, is a classic in American ecological literature but because the simplicity of the bench calls me to sit down and just enj[...]

Meanders in Michigan

Since we decided to stay around home this summer, our goal is to explore some of the places in Michigan we haven’t seen and maybe revisit some we haven’t seen in years.  For starters, we checked out Sleepy Hollow State Park .  We had not been to this park before, so we explored a bit.  It’s a nice park but not one I’d need to drive about 100 miles to visit a[...]

What to do on a hot afternoon . . .

Yesterday, I had a real "girlie" day.  A facial by Susan Chamberlain in Royal Oak (on Main Street just south of 13 Mile) relaxes and soothes me on any kind of day.  On a hot day it's particularly nice to enter the cool, dimly lit skin care room and let Susan take over my face for a while.  Her skilled fingers and pleasant demeanor bring a long aaaaaaaaaaahhh[...]

Monday, Monday . . .

As we normally do, we started today out with morning coffee and a three-mile walk with Harley and Oz.  Those two won't let us get away with just sitting around trying to wake up.  We have to be out and moving no later than 8:30, or our furry little pals follow us around the house.  Talk about a guilty conscience--these two personify it and put it in motion. [...]

Capers in Spain

While visiting friends recently in southern Spain, our hostess treated us to a tasty appetizer comprised of roasted red peppers steeped in olive oil and garlic accompanied by capers. The combination delighted our taste buds – especially when put on top of freshly baked baguettes. I’ve always liked capers, but I hardly ever think to use them even though I h[...]

Tempus fugit, etc.

Wow!  Tempus fugit!  Hard to believe it's been almost a week since my last post.  I've been busy though.  I hate to admit this fact since my last post, but I've not really gone out of my way to get out of my t-shirts and shorts this past week.  But then, if you're out playing in the dirt, it doesn't make sense to dress up does it?  I did spend a good part of[...]

Mirror, mirror . . .

When we visited France and Spain recently, I remember thinking that the over-55 people looked good--anyway the majority of the people that I saw did--way better than I did.  They retained their sense of style and didn't go out of the house in clothing that made them look dumpy or old or like they didn't give a rat's patoot about how they presented themselves[...]

A Most Moose-terious Occurrence

Here's a strange story. Last Sunday we were driving south on M123 and spotted what we thought was a moose about 1/4 mile away from us.  The silhouette was right for a moose plus we knew from the park rangers they had a few in the vicinity.  We were excited to have at least spotted one of these shy creatures. On Monday, we came back to camp after taking[...]