The Winners!Icebreaker Tournament Team

Kelly writes:  "Thought I would share some team trophy photos from Brendan's first baseball tournament.  They came in first for their division and won the championship.  We had some "HAPPY" boys." Drewie missed the picture with all the siblings, he had to leave a few minutes early to get to his baseball practice.


Over the past several weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time walking in parks and crawling around on hands and knees in wildflower fields.  (Achoo!)  I don’t need to tell you fellow gardeners how beautiful the parks and woods look when the trilliums pop their lovely heads up and fill the landscape with their delicate yet exuberant colors and sh[...]

The Recumbent Voyager Reviews: Pilgrim’s Road: A Journey to Santiago de Compostela

This book by Bettina Selby (published by Little Brown & Co., 212 pages $15.50) got me to thinking about doing the Camino Santiago.  Following is a review of Pilgrim's Road. Since the 10th Century, pilgrims have traveled the ancient roads through France and Spain to arrive at Santiago de Compostela (The Field of the Star of St. James), the legendary shri[...]

Información de Flor Diversa (or miscellaneous flower info)

Two new hydrangeas called  'Little Honey' arrived on Thursday (Hydrangea quercifolia Little Honey). Got them in the ground yesterday before it rained.  They look to be in good condition despite their transport from Hodges, SC.  I'm hoping it will flourish in the garden.  It certainly promises to be a good looking plant. Also put in some new 'Flame Thrower' [...]

Garden Clean up

Finally finished cleaning the winter debris out of the garden.  Discovered my red trillium came back this year and is flourishing.  The dark red flower adds a nice dash of color to the lady's mantles and the hostas.  The white trilliums seem to have multiplied.  Where I used to have one or two, now I've got triple the amount of plants.  The jack in the pul[...]

The Sachertorte - Jen's Version

The long-awaited day came to taste the labor-intensive Sachertorte.  Days before the cake was to be made, Jen spent hours preparing the chocolate and other ingredients for the chocolate glaze.  Once the glaze was finished, it got stored until it was time to use it.  Then came the task of making the apricot glaze.  The ingredients were melted together and sto[...]

Views from the Corner Garden: Maypop (aka Passiflora incarnata)

Maypop.  I like the name.  At first blush, it evokes images of lovely, brightly colored lollipops.  Further thinking about the name takes me to the positive side of Spring and says that this plant will pop in May.  If I travel over to the negative point of view, the name reminds me that it may pop if I’m lucky.  Last year, we planted one of these Maypo[...]

Ahhhh, sunshine & warmer temps

This weather makes me want to stay outside all day long.  Yesterday was perfect for a nice long walk in the woods.  The dogs hadn't had their date with the groomer.  We need to start getting in shape for the upcoming 62 mile walk in May.  What better way to do that, give the dogs their exercise, and enjoy the weather?  Another trip to Orion Oaks park.  Ozzie[...]

"Jest" a hat

I'm not sure what prompted me to pick up some baby yarn and decide to make this hat, but I did.  Best of all, I actually have someone to gift it to.  Knitting this hat didn't prove a huge challenge (thumbs up for that), but sewing it together certainly did.  I think it took me almost as long to sew it as it did to knit it.  Now I just hope the giftee will [...]

A walk in the park

Instead of going to see Alice in Wonderland as planned today, I decided to spend this gorgeous, sunny day outside enjoying the weather.   So we put the dogs, Ozzie and Harley, in the Jeep, grabbed water for all of us, and whizzed north on I75 to Orion Oaks Park.  We trekked to Lake 16 and up and down many of the trails.  Ozzie leading most of the way.  Har[...]