Upcoming Events for The Water Closet Werks

One of my images was selected for the 87th Regional Exhibition at the Muskegon Museum of Art. That exhibit runs June 4 through August 5. If you're in the Muskegon area, treat yourself to a visit of this little known gem of a museum. Closer to home, another of my images will be on exhibit at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center's 2015 Michigan Fine Arts Comp[...]

Dreams and Wings

Oakland County Parks is offering an experience to view the world from a new perspective for children with disabilities aged 6 - 17.  Go to the website to read more about Dreams and Wings.

Season finale of the Cheese & Burger series

Well, the birds have abandoned the nest they started in our bird house.  I couldn't figure out why, so I decided to look up the answer.  According the the blog at Wild Birds Unlimited,  "chickadees shop around for nest sites. They check out lots of potential locations. They have been known to begin excavating and even start building a nest in three to five d[...]

Episode 3 of Cheese & Burger

We're getting concerned.  We haven't seen Cheese and Burger in a couple of days.  The sparrows are trying to get into the nest box, but so far, they don't fit into the openings.  We hope they haven't abandoned the box and return. These little birds, with their black cap and bib and white sides to the face, fascinate us to no end.  The sexes look alike exc[...]

Episode 2 of Cheese & Burger Move In

Cheese & Burger continue to keep us entertained.  Cheese (the male) sits on the perch and sings his "hey baby" song.  I've seen two birds, but lately just Cheese.  The naughty sparrows keep trying to invade the home, but fortunately, they're too big to get inside.  When I was positive the birds were out and about, I opened the back of the house to see wh[...]

Cheese and Burger Move In

Day 1 - Today a pair of chickadees (Cheese and Burger) moved into the purple birdhouse.  It's a two story building, and I think they've decided to occupy both floors.  They didn't need a moving van, but I did see them bring in some furniture - no TV so at least I know they won't be tapping into my cable.  LOL  We were anxiously awaiting their move in as they[...]

Chasing the Light

I was happy to be a runner up in the Chasing the Light contest juried by Mike Moats.  Lots of great images.

Style and Vision

Got this article on Style and Vision in my email yesterday and thought it was worth sharing.  Enjoy the read.  

CTN Exhibit - April through June 2016

Ten of my Michigan images will be on exhibit beginning tomorrow at the Community Television Network in Ann Arbor.  They'll be up through June.  Three other artists will also be on exhibit.  If you get the opportunity, come and enjoy the art work on display.

Good News!

Here's my good news for today from the Lawrence Street Gallery: Congratulations! Monte Nagler chose your work to be in our annual Exposures: Photography '15 exhibit! We will be having our opening reception this Thursday (Friday is Good Friday and Passover so we decided to move the opening up one day) from 6 - 9 pm. We also will be hosting a mid-month recep[...]