RadarAs usual this morning, Radar staked himself out under the shrubs in the back yard.  His line of sight includes the bird feeder which at this time of year is literally hopping with juncos, sparrows, pigeons (well, they don’t hop), cardinals, and house sparrows.  Fortunately or unfortunately–depending on your point of view, the cat with no front claws gets a bird or two on occasion.  I just wish he’d stop bringing them to me.  I don’t like eating birds with the feathers still on them. 😉  Radar is cool about it though.  He doesn’t growl much when one of us relieves him of his prey.

Radar reminds me of a cat we used to have years ago named Henry.  When Henry lived with us, we had a dog run in the back of the yard with a dog house in it.   Henry would crouch in that dog house most of the day waiting for an unsuspecting bird to perch on the dog run fence.  That cat could leap into the air at least 3′.  He’d get at least one bird a day when he was on the job.  What a guy he was.  I sure do miss him.  His antics kept us in stitches.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the birds.  But, cats are cats are cats and they’re amazing creatures.  I don’t cheer for them when they bring me birds and more often than not when I relieve them of the birds, the birds are just stunned and fly away.  That’s a good thing.  🙂