February 7 – Super Bowl Sunday for all you football fans out there.  Although I’m not a football fan at all,  I’m hoping the New Orleans Saints win.  A win for the Saints is a win for the Big Easy.  It needs a positive stroke, and I like NOLA.  I doubt I’ll watch the game, but mentally I’ll be cheering for them.  Besides, packing my bags takes priority.

As usual, I’ve put off packing for the month in Ajijic until the last possible moment – well, maybe not the last – but it’s pretty darned close.  That’s my chore for today.  And packing is definitely a chore.  I have a couple of lists for the checked bag and the carryon bag.  On my packing list, I note that the stuff I tote around in my everyday purse has to go into a little plastic baggie and that my “sharps” like clippers, pocket knife, etc. need to be put in the checked luggage.  I’m dreading the airport and the lines and the security and the major inconvenience it all is.  We’re leaving from Flint tomorrow.  We’ve never traveled from the Flint airport.  Maybe it won’t be as tiresome as Detroit Metro.

I watched the 1968 movie “Bullitt” last night.  The airport scene in it was sheer nostalgia for the old (or was it young) days of air travel.  People dressed up:  women wore hats, high heels, dresses, and gloves.  Men wore suits, ties, and hats.  Cigarettes dangled from the smoker’s lips.  TSA didn’t exist.  No security guards with automatic weapons and dogs patrolled the airport.  Travelers only queued up to get on the plane.  How lovely.

With luck, the packing will go quickly, and I can maybe start my socks.  I don’t know what started the knitting bug lately, but it’s a good thing.  Since November, I’ve been knitting (and tinking) like Madame Therese Defarge.  No heads roll from the scaffold, but the pieces (hats, scarves, socks, etc.) seem to be rolling from the needles almost at warp speed.  I’ve started a hat for Al, a sweater for me, and now I want to try some “real” socks.  I knitted the first two pair of socks with somewhat heavy yarn so I could see what I was doing.  I required a lot of help from the lovely women at Ewe-nique Knits for the first two pair.  Maybe the third pair will be the charm.  BTW, for you non-knitters out there, to tink is simply to knit backwards – meaning pull out the mistakes and start over.  Tinking sounds so much better though.

Well, off for the morning cuppa, the socks, and the suitcases.  Think Spring.  It’s 41 days away.  🙂

When these beauties show up, we can always count on at least one more huge snowfall. 😉