This one will take a bit of explaining. It’s a composite of several photos/backgrounds that I took or created in PhotoShop for an entry into a show called How Many More that addressed the topic of gun violence in America. The show was in March at the Lawrence Street Gallery.  It was a hot topic, and we got a huge crowd in for opening night.  On June 2, which was Wear Orange Day, several pieces from the March Lawrence Street Gallery exhibit were again on display at the Birmingham  Unitarian Church for the Wear Orange Day concert featuring many local musicians such as Matt Watroba, Mustard’s Retreat, etc.  While the art is anything but entertaining, as artists we were hoping to share our feelings about gun violence and what it does to our communities.

So, what’s going on in this picture called Tell Me Why We Keep Killing Each Other? (Click on the image in order to view all of the imagery.)  The background represents cracked cement or asphalt.  Our society has become hardened to the violence that surrounds us and it’s cracking the structure and foundations of our moral codes.  The ghostly-looking cemetery is Detroit’s historic Elmwood.  I doubt I need to explain it’s significance.  Guns on the tombstones along with the red words indicate where, when, and how many people were killed due to guns in the wrong hands.  The woman in the lower left represents the people left behind to wonder why the murders of innocents took place.  Skulls interspersed with the bare tree limbs remind us that death is never far away.  The Jesus figure in the upper left with its arms raised seems to be asking someone to tell him why we keep killing each other.  The shadow figures represent the departed.  It’s not a happy work; but it speaks volumes about the way I feel about these senseless acts of murder and robbery.

I can’t ask you to enjoy this image, but I can ask that you think about what you can do to help prevent these violent incidents from occurring.