After another plane delay of about three hours, we finally arrived in Toulouse where Roger & Vee came to pick us up.  The plan was for us to take the bus from the airport and then the train to Carmaux where they would collect us.  So much for that plan!

Roger and Vee are more than gracious hosts.  They gave us the grand tour of  several medieval towns: Najac, Cordes sur Ciel, Albi, Rocamadour, St. Antonin, Gaillac, & St. Christophe.  All startling in their beauty and architecture and the fact that a good portion of the buildings have been in existence since the 12th & 13th centuries.

On Monday, everything in that part of France is closed so we spent a good part of the day just rambling around the countryside “au pied.”  We walked to St. Christophe and did a tour of the village–a church, a mairie (town hall), some houses, and a cemetery.  Didn’t see anything else and Vee assured me we didn’t miss much.  But the village is charming and the cemetery amazing.  From what we could tell, most of the people in there died when they were well into their 80s and 90s.  Must be something about the clean country air, the good food, and the exercise.

We are now in Toulouse.  We won’t get to see much of it since we fly to Paris tomorrow morning.

Am posting a few pictures and will try to get more up later.

More photos are located here.