This place feels like home.  We haven’t been here for about 11 years and it seems my feet know exactly where to go.  Not much has changed that I can see – oh, sure, new construction, etc., but the cafe society is pretty much still the same.  You can sit over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and the waiters don’t try to kick you out.  Oh, yeah.  Prices have increased.  Quelle surprise!

Right now, the evening air is coming through the open window, the Paris rooftops are in sight (along with a well lit McDonald’s sign on the restaurant across the street from us), and the cars and motorcycles are roaring along the Blvd. de Port-Royal.  I hope they’re not going as fast as it sounds like they’re going.

We’ve had beautiful sunny days.  We got to Paris yesterday – ON TIME.  Anne-Marie told us where to exit Orly airport and voila! there she was bouncing out of the car and yelling my name.  She looks the same and has not  lost her exuberant and generous spirit.  She dropped us at the train station so we could get to Paris ‘cuz she had to go to work.  Once we settled in, we hit the streets.  Checked out the market on rue Mouffetard, visited some 12th C. churches including St. Medard which is the only church that will grant absolution from the sin of cannibalism.   I’m not making that fact up either.

We even visited Notre Dame and walked in just in time to go to mass.  Not something we normally do, but hey, when in Paris . . .   Walked over to the Rive Gauche and roamed the streets of the Ile St. Louis–still my favorite place in Paris.

Today, we visited Versailles.  It must have been end of school year trips ‘cuz the kids were out in force.  God bless the people who chaperon any kid on a school trip!  We checked out the gardens and made it through the gardens to the Grand and Petit Trianon “palaces” where Marie-Antoinette liked to hang out with her fellow royals and courtiers.

After a hot, crowded, 45-minute train trip back to Paris (standing all the way), a cold beer sounded really good.  The first pub we found, we stopped.  At least we could make it back to the hotel from the train station.

Tomorrow is another day and since we aren’t planning anything in particular, it remains to be seen where our feet will take us.  But I’ll keep you posted.  🙂