Jen decided to make homemade sour cherry preserves. First, it wasn’t easy finding a recipe. We finally found one in the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Jen made the preserves. They didn’t come out all that good; they were runny and overly sweet. We combined a couple of recipes we found on line – one from Martha Stewart and one from Those two recipes helped alleviate the sweetness of the preserves, but they didn’t help with getting the preserves to set up as they should.  Being a true fan of the internet, I did a Google search on why the preserves were too runny.  I came across this wonderful blog site that not only saved the preserves from being too runny but told why they might not have set up the way they should have done.  So, not only did we learn how to make preserves and how to save them, we also got a good laugh from the blog writer’s (Marisa) practical and sound advice.  Yummy, yummy stuff that now doesn’t have to be called rustic cherry syrup.  LOL

We are happy!  Life can indeed be a bowl of cherries.  And, a big shout out to Marisa for writing and posting that blog.