First, hurrah!  The Saints won.

Hm, think I'll chew up the couch cushions as soon as they leave.

Monday was a gorgeous day in Royal Oak–sunny, no snow, and not too cold.  After we finished packing, we took the dogs for their field run.  Last one for them until we return.  Gayle drove us to Flint airport.  Operating on Detroit Metro time, we got to Flint an hour earlier than necessary.  Where DTW needs you to be there 2 hours before an international flight, Flint only asks the traveler to arrive an hour early.  I could see why.  Nice, small airport.  No long queues to get through the TSA screening.  Board the jet.  Gone.  Arrived in Atlanta on time.  Grab a bite and get to the gate just in time to board the plane.  Don’t worry about over eating on a Delta flight.

Arrived on time, picked up our bags (they were almost the last ones out – whew!), went through immigration and customs.  Gone.  Hans & Regina picked us up in their new XTrail.  Too dark to see anything and too tired anyway.  Tuesday would be another day.

So, Tuesday morning: coffee, fresh-squeezed OJ, and bird watching on the veranda where we spotted bananaquits andhummingbirds.   Later, a short walk to the local Norte Americano hangout–Salvador’s Restaurant for breakie.

Color - and what is that strange light shining on this house making it brighter than bright?

Regina gave us a tour of Ajijic.  We visited a local chapel, the malecon, several art galleries, the square, gift shops, clothing boutiques, and the Lake Chapala Society grounds.  We got a little sunburned.  Oh, darn.  I’m going to lose my winter white look.  🙁

The new malecon (walkway) around Lake Chapala in Ajijic with the Sierra Madres in the background.

During the day, egrets, herons, coots, and vermilion flycatchers, and a few others we only glimpsed.

Dinner at the lovely La Nueva Posada capped off a great day.

The weather forecast predicted mucho snow in Royal Oak and maybe some rain in Ajijic for Wednesday.  Fortunately, for those of us in Ajijic, the weather prediction was way wrong.  Today, it’s sunny and 75 again.  Ho hum.

Today is market day and quite a market it is!  Embroidery thread; needles; skeins of wool and knitting needles; brightly painted plates & bowls; fresh shrimps and a wide variety of fish; hot dogs; pizza; gorgeous white cauliflowers; dark green broccoli; dark purple blackberries.  I could go on, but I won’t.

she did NOT want her picture taken, but we finally convinced her.

Instead, since it’s such a beautiful afternoon and the sun is shining, and the chairs on the veranda are comfortable, I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Never seen a hot dog like this before.